About Us

About Us

The Mascotte Police Department was established in 1925 and has been dedicated to serving the community with a professional law enforcement team. We strive to enhance the quality of life in the City of Mascotte by working directly with the community and enforcing the laws of the U.S. Constitution and Florida State Statutes, preserving the peace of this lovely city, and reducing fear and crime to ultimately establish a safe environment for all.

Bias-Based Policing Statement 

To reaffirm the Mascotte Police Department’s commitment to unbiased policing, to clarify the circumstances in which officers can consider race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or social/economic status when making law enforcement decisions. To reinforce procedures that assure the public that we are providing service and enforcing laws in a safe, legal, and professional manner.  

Command Staff

Meet your Chief and Command Staff

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Our Mission

The mission of the Mascotte Police Department is to protect life and property, provide professional police services, and work in partnership with the community.