City Clerk

The City Clerk is appointed by and serves under the direction of the City Manager. The Clerk’s office is the oldest profession in municipal government providing an array of services to the public, City Manager, Council and staff. This office is dedicated to serving the community in a professional, ethical, impartial and equitable manner. A Municipal Clerk performs activities prescribed by state and local laws.


The City Clerk’s office of Mascotte provides assistance with the following:

  • Qualifying officer for candidates who wish to contend for the office of Mayor and City Council
  • Records Management and retention of all official records in compliance with state law; serves as the City’s Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) with the State of Florida Department of State
  • Research official records for citizens and other departments upon request in compliance with Florida Public Records Law and allow for the inspection and examination by any person, at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions and under the supervision of the City Clerk’s office (Florida Statute Chapter 119)
  • Mascotte Cemetery Records
  • Attends, records, and transcribes minutes of the City Council meetings
  • Coordinate the codification and distribution of supplemental updates of the City Charter and Code of Ordinances.
  • Custodian of the City Seal with the authority to execute and emboss documents to authenticate the validity of city records
  • Administers oaths, which include the induction of Council Members
  • Serves as the Financial Disclosure Coordinator with the State of Florida Commission on Ethics
  • Human Resources

The City Clerk must continually stay abreast of changing times and circumstances, state statutes on the Sunshine Law, public ethics, and financial disclosure as well as election laws. The Clerks office attends meetings and conferences for educational growth related to the City Clerk profession, to learn new regulations and procedures, and network with others in the same field.

Requests for Public Records

Requests for public records should be directed to City Clerk Stephanie Abrams. Requests can be done in person, via email or regular mail, or over the phone. You have the right to remain anonymous when requesting public records. You may reach Stephanie via email at or by phone at 352-429-3341 ext. 102. In person requests can be made at the Mascotte City Hall located at 100 E. Myers Blvd.