How can I discontinue service?

Send a photocopy of a valid picture ID for the customer named on the account and a Utility Service request form (available on this website) via fax to 352-429-3345, or in person at:
100 E Myers Boulevard
Mascotte, FL 34753

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1. What services are provided by the City of Mascotte?
2. How can I set up service to my home?
3. How can I discontinue service?
4. When are payments due for service?
5. What are my payment options?
6. My water was turned off for non-payment. How do I get my water back on?
7. When are garbage and recycling collected?
8. If I have a water leak, who is responsible for the related consumption charge?
9. Can I use one check to pay multiple accounts?
10. How do I know if I have a leak?