St. Johns WMD Water Less Campaign


With irrigation systems accounting for about half of a home’s total water use, we see homeowners (and business owners) as natural allies in water conservation. Throughout the next year, the Water Less conservation focus will shift each season to reflect the unique water needs of Florida lawns and landscaping.

  • This fall launches “Fall Back” to encourage once-a-week watering as we enter cooler weather.
  • When lawns go dormant this winter and need less water, the campaign focus becomes “Skip a Week,” to encourage skipping every other week of irrigation.
  • Did you set it and forget it? In spring, the campaign emphasizes taking control of your irrigation system to make it work for you while also saving water.
  • The summer Water Less campaign theme is “Watch the weather, wait to water” — a reminder in Florida’s typically rainy summer that there’s a good chance Mother Nature will water for you.

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